What is School Text Tips?

School Text Tips is a simple and discrete anonymous text message hotline that allows students to report bullying, harassment, cyber bullying, suspicious behavior and/or peers in troubling situations to school faculty immediately.

Because we did away with all the complications of conventional hotlines, School Text Tips gives streamline and immediate communication when it matters most. That means there are no short codes, case reference numbers, or loaded key words i.e.(Bully, Fight, Crime) that limit the scope of a tip and are easily forgotten in the times of need or emergency.

More importantly, students don’t have to engage in a conversation unless they choose to. to tip messages that could sabotage the safety of the student and their trust in the system.

Students can text in tips without fear of being caught or having to commit to further follow up after reporting an incident. Making it simple and easy for student to report an is essential in effectively diminishing bullying and school violence. Less barriers, means more tips and better proactive intervention by the school faculty.