Our Company

GlobalCall Enterprises leadership team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Communications, Military, Information Technology and Software Engineering.

Together, we have created systems that allow large groups of people to be notified with important information at the same time, both quickly and cost effectively. 

All of our systems have the capability to be used anywhere in the world and can be deployed from any location.

Our unique culmination of experience in our respected fields has taught us what works and what does not in an actual emergency situation. We built our technology on simplicity and the ability for anyone to communicate immediately in stressful and dangerous scenarios.

This makes the products we produce much more effective than those produced by any company without our background.

Globalcall Enterprises systems are currently used by many different industries including Law Enforcement agencies, as well as other government entities.
Our systems have been field proven and have the highest level of security measures in place to ensure data security.

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Our Technology

In-house engineering and programming team No out sourcing here, we do it all in house, every product we produce is mission specific and designed from scratch.

Uninterrupted Power

We don’t rely upon the local power grid to guarantee uptime. Our on-site diesel-powered generators and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) provide redundant power to ensure uninterrupted datacenter operation. All critical IT infrastructures are regularly tested to ensure they will function as designed in the event of an emergency.

Serious Security

Our datacenters are secured from all parties except authorized personnel. Monitored closed circuit television and a 24x7x365 datacenter operations team, guard the facility while secure access control and biometric* systems provide further layers of security.

24x7x365 NOC

The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff monitors the network 24x7x365, while our network engineers and hosting datacenter personnel are available at any time in the event of an emergency. You also have around-the-clock access to phone or online support.

Backup Power Systems
UPS and diesel generator power systems