The Proactive Intervention Formula

  • Truly Anonymous
    Student won’t receive any untimely reply backs to their tips or have to engage in future conversation about an incident unless they wish to be contacted. Students are thus empowered to speak out, knowing that there are no further commitments after sharing sensitive information. NOTE: Tips, which are illegitimate, or life threatening in nature can be caller identified and students who abuse the system can be confronted if deemed necessary.
  • Discrete and Accessible
    Students are educated to save the text hotline number on their phone as an alias, or to keep handy a wallet
    card handout. These quick and discrete methods allow the student to easily tip in anytime especially in a stressful or emergency situation.
  • Faculty Managed
    Students will know that the recipients of the tips are members of the school faculty who they know and trust. By building on established trust, students will feel reassured and confident to speak out for themselves or for someone else who may be physically, mentally or emotionally threatened.
  • Flow of Information
    As a result, School Text Tips creates a real-time flow of information that lets the school faculty to proactively intervene current and future incidences from occurring. Conversely, the system creates a watchdog community where bullies and troublemakers are deterred from doing harm since anyone texting could be a watchful eye.
    Every Tips Counts!