The First 24/7 Artificial Intelligence Monitoring of its Kind

The School Text Tips system actively analyzes tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using artificial intelligence algorithms to look for emergency “key words” such as bomb, kill, shoot, blow up, suicide, etc.

Each tip will be read and analyzed in real-time for nature and content and appropriately dispatched to the pre-designated school official. Similar to a police dispatch, tips are grouped as emergency or non-emergency and sent to the pre-designated officials.

In the case of an emergency tip, school officials and local law enforcement, will be immediately contacted for quick action.

Non-emergency tips are emailed to all pre-designated officials for response when practical.

School officials are also given a School Text Tip email account that will help them streamline their communication to a separate inbox, giving them easy and organized access to previous messages without having to go through personal or work related emails.

The system will also track tipsters that are consistently texting misleading or inappropriate tips from which a report can be filed indicating number of incidences and other pertinent data. The school then reserves the right to decide whether the tipster should be contacted and confronted with accordingly. This will reduce the chance for multiple phony hoaxes by the same person.